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  • Learn what is S2S header bidding
  • How to set up S2S header bidding
  • Difference between Client side vs Server side header bidding
  • What not to do in S2S header bidding
  • Benefits of S2S header bidding
  • Learn what is header bidding.
  • Difference between waterfall technique  and header bidding.
  • Benefits of header bidding
  • What not to do in header bidding
  • Learn what is private marketplace -  PMP 101 
  •  Why we (adtech) jumped into the PMPs
  • What you should know before investing in PMPs and assessing whether it is right for you 
  • The Future of PMPs
  • Learn the basics of Ad refresh
  • How to set up Ad refresh
  • Impact of Ad refresh on eCPM
  • Best practices
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