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Header Bidding

  • A precise explainer on header bidding (both client-side and server-side).
  • Header bidding in action
  • The header bidding advantage.
  • Do and Dont’s

Private Marketplace (PMPs)

  • Breaking down the PMPs
  • Zeroes and Ones
  • PMP-terms: Deal IDs?, Buyer Seats?,... - Let’s clear them out.
  • PMPs - How to do it right?

OpenRTB 3.0

  • OpenRTB: From 1.0 to 3.0
  • Signed Bid Requests - Ads.cert
  • Ad Management API
  • AdCOM

Ad Refresh

  • Ad refresh 101
  • Impacts of ad refresh on CPM
  • Triggers and Implementation
  • Best way to refresh ads

Programmatic Guaranteed

  • The whats and whys
  • How to implement PG
  • Untold benefits of PG
  • Do and Don’ts

Privacy Laws

  • Reconstructing Adtech
  • GDPR
  • ePrivacy Regulation
  • CCPA

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